Frauen sparen, Männer investieren. Kommt Ihnen das bekannt vor? Mehr Mut macht sich für Frauen bezahlt.

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How security and returns are possible in a zero interest rate environment.

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We have a long-standing expertise in financial consulting for women and are here for you with our knowledge and experience.

Asset investment

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Sustainabilty and transparency are very important criteria.

One of the reason why we should meet …

Since our company was founded more than three years ago we have commited ourselves to consulting women. We have specialised in financial services and want to help women in different stages of their lives: a career start, parental leave, peak of their career, retirement, divorce or inheritance.

You can trust in thirty years of Know-how | Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen is a company which was is pioneer on financial issues regarding women in germany. Since it was founded in 1986 we have established a reputation as a good partner for many women in different stages of their life. We continue to expand and improve our expertise and knowledge. Currently we have around 250 Million Euros (15.10.2019) under management regarding all assets (portfolios and insurances).

Strong Partners | As an active part of the bank independent multi manager company PEH we offer a corporate structure which is reliable and a constant partner for you. The bank which we work with is the leading bank in germany  for independent financial consultants and wealth management. For your pension plan we work with insurances which have the strongest capital base and are the most solid. Rating agency such as MORGEN & MORGEN and Standard & Poor’s give them the best ratings.
You are interested in meeting us personally?

Financial consulting is based on our knowledge and your trust. That’s why we are always open to a non-binding consultation. In our experience this is the best way to see if we can be your partner in regard to your finances. Preferrably in person, as an alternative a consultation via phone is possible too.