Investement brokerage

Trust in our expertise and a qualified selection of investment products.

We offer suggestions and you decide.

You are interested in the stock markets and have an understanding of which risks you want to take in order to achieve certain profits? However you haven’t made a final decision on which products are suitable for you?

Then we might be able to help. We offer you carefully selected funds and you decide in what you want to invest. We are here for you to offer our help, advice and talk to you about the structure of different investment opportunities. All our investments, including risks, opportunities and costs are transparent for you from the start.

Professional investment brokerage is suitable for an investment above 50.000 Euros and if you have a basic knowledge and what to make your own financial decisions.

The core of investment brokerage

Do you know how many financial investment products are licensed in germany? A few hundred thousand at least. Do find the right one amongst them is difficult and time consuming. We preselect a variety of investment solutions for you and you can choose which one suits you best.

On our ‘Master list’ there are different strategies includiung sustainable investments. With a variety of different investment themes, regions, investment companies and risk classes.

Transparent Costs

The costs for our investment services are calculated fairly and focus on the growth of your wealth and a substantial liaison with us. With every new investment you pay the regular issue-surcharge. In some cases a discount might be possible for certain investment funds. Before a new investment we show you all costs including the fund management charges, which may vary.