Income protection

Your financial parachute for every situation.

Statistically every fourth person is affected. Prevention is key!

To have an income is the most important source for many people to be able to generate a fortune or for their pension plan. So if one is not able to work anymore due to health reasons for example and despite what kind of employment you have this can ruin people financially.

According to a statistic, every fourth person is prone to an incapacity to work at some stage in his or her career. Even if it ends up being a long-term occupational disability, the reduction in earning capacity that the state pays then is usually much lower than the previous salary. Therefore an occupational disability insurance is highly recommendable and amongst the most important insurances to have.

We can help you find an occupational disability insurance that suits your needs and can guarantee you a sort of income should you not be able to work anymore at some stage in your career. We work with well know insurance companies and compare not only the fees but also the earnings which they have and pay.