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Stock-oriented Asset Management   –  convenient in just one fund

What it’s about: Experience combined with a systematic approach.

Since many years this investment has been part of our recommendations and strategies. The fundmanager of PEH EMPIRE was one of few who successfully achieved a positive growth in 2018.  You can invest here.

Convenient, successful and professional:

With us you can invest in a successful Strategy. The strategy of this investment fund has a succesful active Assetmanagement as buying stocks should just being something coincidental. The stock markets have become more volatile and the idea of buying a stock and just letting it sit in your portfolio for a few years isn’t a good recommendation. The markets have to be watched on a daily base so one can hopefully react in time, before the loss is to big. You probably don’t have the time or interst to do this? That’s why it’s best to let someone else do the job for you to reduce risks and help you increase your fortune.

Investing through us reduces costs and provides somebody being there to support you.

  • Diversified, global stock portfolio (Blue Chips)
  • Stock-quote between 0% and 100%
  • Active Portfoliomanagement with the support of Artificial Intelligence
  • Only stocks and cash. No commodities, no bonds
  • Public fund according to Luxembourg Law: PEH Empire
  • “A glass fund”: full transparency of the portfolio
  • Management is the PEH group who are independent of banks
  • Sustainability: Morningsstar-ESG-Rating 3 of 5 points (02/2019)

This strategy is your investors who are growth-orientated and can endure temporary fluctuations in value. You should have some experience with or knowledge about this type of investment.

  • Contract conclusion – comfortably from home
  • Initial investment starting at 10.000 Euro  / Savings plan at 200 Euro per month
  • Bank is DAB BNP Paribas. Monitoring your portfolio is possible online and via app.
  • Flexibility: can be sold every trading day
  • You become a client of Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen and receive a regular update and useful information regarding your financial plan.
  • No initial costs: waiver of initial sales charge
  • No account or portfolio management costs
  • Only the usual running costs from the fund management accoring to the KIID, currently 2,42%. Performance shown is always after these costs.