Pension plan

For women especially private provisions for old age have a great significance.

Step by step to wealthier retirement

The variety of pension products is diverse and confusing. Modern insurances are competing with subsidised products and flexible investment solutions. There isn’t such a thing as the one solution for everyone. Therefore we need individual solutions to help each individual be in a comfortable and hopefully prosperous situation for their retirement.
In Germany a pension plan consists of three levels of old-age securty coverage. The state has determined a clear structure making it easier to grasp tax savings and state fundings.
‘We have specialised on products in each of the three levels.
We are here to create a pension plan with you that suits your needs and harmonises with already existing products, your knowledge and your experience. It’s supposed to be something you understand, which personally appeals to you and a plan which will last.

State subsidised pension scheme

“Rürup” is a state-subsidised pension. It is an ideal model for entrepeneurs, self-employed people and for employees with a higher income such as managers and CEOs. The state solemnly suports this type of pension through large deductions of the permiums in your taxes. We can check with you if this might be an option.

“Riester” is a highly recommendable supplementary pension provision with government support and tax advantages. Sadly this type of pension has been critised a lot but one always has to keep in mind that the product has to suit the investor. Since it was initiated in 2002 it has been improved and state subsidies have gone up. We are happy to see if this suits you.

Provision of private pensions

Life insurances have become more modern and flexible. Newer types of pension schemes offer lower garantuee values but more opportunities because they invest more in securities such as stocks. Once you retire you will receive a lifelong pension and the yield generated is subject to taxation. This depends on your age and the year of your retirement.

Index-oriented modells often have chances of higher profits than classic options because you participate in capital markets through fixed rules.  The highest profits can be earned here through investment policies. Here one can select different funds or actively managed strategies for the investment of the monthly contribution

Immediate annuity

Immediate-annuity policies againt payment of a single premium guarantee you a lifelong pension effective immediately. Like with all private pensions this provides financial security for you and your heirs.

Company pension / Direct insurance

If you don’t have this you are giving away money. This type of pension scheme is one of the most attractve types. Deferred compensation in occupational pensions is possible for every employee. The monthly payments are taken from your gross salary which reduces the taxable income. Therefore the ‘actual cost’ is lower. The parameters were improved in 2018: every employee can pay up to 8% taxfree till the income threshold (4% of the income ceiling for socialsecurity contributions). At retirement one can choose between a one off payment or a monthly pension.

Savings plan

Saving plans which invest in investmentfunds are the most popular investment solution to gradually build up a fortune for your retirement or larger investments in the future. We recommend that you start with a one-off payment additional to a fixed monthly payment. Due to a continous investment one profits from the so called cost-average-effect. Here we offer a selection of funds including sustainable investment solutions.