Portfolio Management

We offer investment strategies which cater your needs.

A healthy balance of risk and return

You have some assets which you want to invest with the chance of a good return? You are aware that stocks and bonds should be part of your investments but you don’t have the time or the knowledge to manage your portfolio? Then our investment strategies could be a good solution to address these topics. Your portfolio will have a good balance between risk and return. We have actively managed strategies to cater your personal needs. Our strategies are intellegently monitored to signal us when financial markets are changing and there is a need to rebalance your portfolio. To ensure diversification of assets there are actively managed investment funds such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) from different investment companies. There is a strong focus on sustainable investments. Our liablity umbrella and asset manager is PEH Vermögensmanagement, who’s exclusive tied agent Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen is.

The name says it: Our investment strategies

Some want financial security, others are focused on high returns on investment. According to your expectancies and your risk profile we will help you find a strategy that suits you.


We aim to achieve higher returns on investment than the average growth of long-term top-rated state securities in the eurozone and avoid substantial fluctuations.


We aim to achieve significantly higher returns on investment than the general interest levels. To accomplish this investors have to accept a higher volatility and temporary losses.


We aim to achieve high yields and profit in the long term. This strategy is for investors who are  willing to take risks for better opportunities and higher returns on investment.

Costs of our investment strategies

The costs are very transparent and fairly calculated. Funds are bought for you at net asset value. The bank solemnly charges a transaction fee (between 0,10% and 0,25%), which is much lower than most other banks. Investors are reimbursed by Kickbacks which increase the return on investment. The management fees are usually between 0,40% and 0,50% per half-year plus a performance-related remuneration. Our common goal is to increase your fortune.