About us

Women often manage to achieve better asset performances than men. Benefit from this advantage.

Financial services – from women for women

You want to invest your money? Or take care of your pension plan? Then we just might be right for you as we see ourselves as a sparring partner for our clients in these fields.

Our services are focused on women, nontheless men are more than welcome too. It doesn’t matter how old you are or at which stage in your life you are currently at. If you are dealing with a divorce or the question of you to start or what to do in the last years before retirement in regard to your finances. We can offer you trustworthy support.

Our clients are successful managers, young entrepenuers, parents wanting to build a financial base and many more. 

Our advantage are our many years of experience in this business. That’s one of the reasons why our clients or those wanting to become one trust us.

Many studies have shown that women are the better investors. No matter if you are female or male come and find us, you are more than welcome.

Your Constanze Hintze and the Team of Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen